New Upcoming Products from GreenStar

Driven by constant innovation, GreenStar will launch three new product lines in the summer of 2014. The CORONA will be an unprecedented cost efficient street and area light with between 2,500 and 7,500 lumens. The AVENGER will also bring huge cost efficiency to the roadway (utility and DOT) and area lighting segments with 7,500 to 13,500 lumens. Last, Green Star will introduce its first LED floodlight, with the VEGA available in 9,000 and 13,500 lumen versions. All are powered by LUXEON M LEDs from Philips Lumileds and ran at 1,050 mA current, while maintaining exceptional thermal performance for long life.

Patented Design

GreenStar’s Galaxy series patented thermal management system and adjustable mounting arm are unique characteristics that help insure long fixture life and versatility. Also, the patented futuristic design of a GreenStar fixture accentuates architecture while assuring onlookers that you are committed to intelligent conservation.

Maximum Lumens per Watt

GreenStar’s superior heat dissipation and design allows us to reliably run our LEDs at a higher current than our competitors. The result is maximum lumens per watt, which directly translates into more energy and dollar savings for you and your organization.

Flexible & Versatile

GreenStar Galaxy fixtures can be wall-mounted or pole-mounted as well as adjusted to various angles on both the y and x axis, allowing us flexibility to meet photometric demand in various situations. Additionally, the modular construction of GreenStar fixtures allows you to tailor its output, lighting pattern, color temperature, and voltage to your projects’ needs.

Built to Last

GreenStar’s fixtures are constructed with a durable aluminum-alloy body, optic grade acrylic lenses that do not yellow or crack, LEDs rated at 60,000+ hours with efficient heat extraction, sealed power drivers that can withstand immense power variations, and redundant light sensors. We believe being “green” is achieved by not only reducing energy consumption, but also through the manufacturing of sustainable lighting solutions that will last for many years.

Environmentally Responsible

Unlike lighting technologies of the past, GreenStar fixtures are fully recyclable, they contain no mercury or sodium, they do not emit harmful UV light, and they are Dark Sky certified; giving you the ability to reduce your carbon footprint while delivering a better quality of light for a longer period of time.

True Color Lighting

GreenStar LED fixtures produce vivid light, allowing you to see the true color of objects being illuminated. This is particularly important in security lighting; giving you the ability to see the color of a vehicle or an individuals’ clothing. It is also important to be able see true colors in many outdoor nighttime work situations.

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Savings Calculator

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